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About Zar Macaron Iran is an extensive country which can stand among the biggest and most important producers of food in the world. Iran enjoys unequalled advantages which very few countries have all of them altogether. the country has lands and climate suitable for growing different agricultural products. in the field of regional and international trade,Iran enjoys highly good strategic position and its nationwidev rail transport infrastructures and easy access to international waters give Iran very effectiveconditions suitable for international trade read more . . .

Latest news
2/29/2016 | News Group :
For the ninth consecutive year golden statue consumer rights was granted to Zar Industrial Companies.
2/24/2016 | News Group :
At the 13th conference of Business Excellence National Award for, 3 stars certificate was given to Mr.Arash Soltani, Zar Macaron’s director.
1/30/2016 | News Group :
With the participation of Zar CEO and BARENTZ’s, one of Netherlands the largest Industrial in the food industry, a memorandum of cooperation and investment was signed in Iran for first time.
1/27/2016 | News Group :
At the second International Conference of Iran Holding, holding the development of food industry, Zar Industrial Group was introduced as the country's leading Holding.
1/2/2016 | News Group :
At the ceremony of the top exporters of Alborz province some authorities were presented such as, Dr.Salehabadi, director of Export Development Bank, engineer Ghaemagham, deputy of economic affairs, Mr. Mawdudi, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Business Development aid, engineer Tahaee, Alborz governor, Dr. Movafagh, director of Alborz Industy, Mine and Trade organization.
12/9/2015 | News Group :
The first phase of the Zar grains refinery was started by attending of Dr. Jahangiri, the First Vice-President, Dr. Surena Sattari Science and Technology Vice President, Dr. S. Hosseini president and board member of the National Development Fund, Mr. Hojati, Minister of Agriculture, Mr.Haji Mirzaee cabinet secretary, Mr. Seyed Hamid Tahaee Alborz governor and a group of deputies and high-ranking managers.
10/20/2015 | News Group :
According to the report, along with Export National Day’s cerebration was held by First Vice President, Minister of Industry, Trade and Mines, Secretary of State and a number of exporters and producers then, the first Medal of Honor exports in the industry was awarded by Mr. Morteza Soltani.
10/18/2015 | News Group :
Zar Macaron, pasta industry leader of Iran, was shone in World Food Day‘s occasion such as previous years. Zar Macaron has won the seventh “Sibe Salamat” statue and certificate for pasta products
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