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Having the largest production lines in the Middle East, Zarmacaron Company is the second most productive company in the world and is now known as the leader of pasta industry in Iran. We are proud to announce being the best company in case of quality, production and trading, national face in exportation, owning a medal for great quality and success in products exporting.
As the first producer of pasta with semolina flour, Zarmacaron has had an important role in forming a comparative atmosphere in the industry; so that currently Iran’s pasta products are able to bravely enter the international competitions on the scale of global brands with great quality.
Therefore, Zarmacaron is one of the leading brands in pasta exportation field and is placed in the first platform of Iran’s pasta industry. Hereby, Zarmacaron exports to these cities and countries: Canada, New York, Atlanta, Histone, Dallas and the states of Texas, Nevada and California in the United States. This has made Zarmacaron brand obtain the title of “premium exporter of the country” for three consecutive years.
Zarmacaron prospects in the field of exportation:
Having the national premium exporter title
Increase the influence of Zarmacaron on the international commercial scale.
Develop knowledge with human and professional power and resources.
Maintain and develop the variety of products under the international trade quality.
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