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Introduction to Zar Research and Industrial group

Iran is a country with unique advantages which are rarely found in other countries and it can be ranked as one of the largest and the most important food producers in the world. Iran has many lands with the perfect climate for growing many types of agricultural products. Moreover, in terms of regional and international trades, Iran is located in a strategic point where it has proper rail transport infrastructure with suitable access to international water that puts Iran in a better and more effective condition. On the other hand, Iran has today's technology and knowledge with sufficient, specialized and motivated human resource which eases the process of achieving this position. Undoubtedly, the management system including the collective wisdom, teamwork, commitment to social responsibility, and trust in the knowledge of young generation has also helped Iran to stand in this position.

Zar research and industrial group with reliance to Iran's potentials and its founder's effective presence for 30 years in the productive and industrial field, has established its infrastructure in 1993 and in 1997, it has initiated its activities. Then in 2001, the semolina flour production line was inaugurated for the first time in Iran.

While expanding the flour factory, in 2005, the pasta production line was initiated and it was successful to produce high-quality products in local markets. In a way that in 5 years, besides increasing its production's capacity, it expanded and increased its production lines significantly.


In fact, this industrial group, which is currently the largest Iranian pasta exporter is ranked as the first Iranian pasta industry. Also, Zar industrial group by creating a competitive atmosphere had an important role in advancing the quality of local products as the first producer of all kinds of macaroni and pasta with semoliona flour; in a way that today, Iran's macaroni products can succesfully compete with the world's leading brands. On the other hand, zar macaron industrial group has been able to increase its storage capacity by increasing the number of its grains silos. Also, this industrial group has been able to be ranked as the first in the field of production capacity of all kinds of flour by establishing 5 lines of flour production.


In order to implement the developmental plans and achieving a better place in the food and trade industry, the managers and young staff of this industrial group have started to construct the biggest deep processing factory complex with an annual capacity of four million tons with an easy access to the rail transport network. This complex will include units for producing different types of starch, flour, gluten, industrial bread, liquid sugar, macaroni, pasta, cake, cookie, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, infant food, inflated cereals, corn flakes, and provender with proper big silos.

کارخانه زر ماکارون

Mission statement

Zar Macaron industrial Co. is engaged in producing and supplying various processed cereal products. We believe that food security is a right for all humans. Therefore, we will always try to -utilize responsible and professional manpower, the technology of the day, the best raw materials, standard packaging of products, and by relying on organizational dynamics in the shortest time, deliver food at its best quality and most affordable price to all consumers in every social class. In addition to respecting the customers and employees, we have tried to achieve the consent of the shareholders and stakeholders by developing the science, complying to environmental and health rules and regulations, maintaining and developing competent human resources, increasing the quantity and variety of the products along with attention to sustainable growth in local and foreign markets.


In Zar Macaron Co., we always try to use the latest scientific findings and new technologies to produce healthy and safe food from world-class quality grains and subsequently have an appropriate position in the target markets. Our visions until the end of 2026:

Maintaining the first place in local pasta market.

Maintaining the status of the national premium pasta exporter.

Increasing the brand's penetration into the world's trade field and providing the products all around the world.

Expanding the knowledge boundaries in the production of food products by professional and dedicated staff

Being among the best brands to the food industry's end consumers by maintaining and continuously improving the safety, quality, and variety of the products.


Zar Macaron industrial Co. is involved in producing and packaging various types of processed cereals and it aims to produce high-quality products, increase production ability and develop the culture of consuming healthy foods. In this regard, by establishing an integrated management system based on ISO9001: 2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, Food Safety Management systems ISO22000: 2005 and HACCP Zar Macaron Co. produces its products according to national and international standards as well as customers' needs. This company aims to take a step forward to achieve these ambitious goals:

1. To improve the health status of the products and ensure food safety.

2. To produce various products with the best quality according to the customers' needs and to pay attention to the complaints in order to increase customers' satisfaction and organizations' ability to improve its products.

3. To regularly plan and act to mitigate and prevent environmental issues and to reduce wastes.

4. To regularly plan and act to increase the safety of the employees and stakeholders, to reduce the workplace hazards, incidences and to prevent occupational diseases.

5. To improve staff's competencies and skills through continuous and planned training.

6. To optimize the usage of equipment and machinery as well as regular planning for repair and maintenance of the manufacturing infrastructures.

The management of Zar Macaron Industrial Co. is committed to working hard to achieve the mentioned objectives through employees' participation and effective communication with them in order to meet the requirements and comply to the rules and regulations.

Since the mentioned objectives are solely achieved by responsibility and participation of all employees, therefore the management of this company makes these policies available to everyone and ensures that all employees have understood it completely to help the management in this regard. Also, in case of any possible amendments, these policies will be reviewed, revised and supported by measurable objectives.


A questionnaire was provided to the experts and their opinions were obtained. After collecting and summarizing data, the opinions based on scientific principles of the organizational values were chosen and consequently, the similar and common views were combined and named according to the organization's realities as follows:

1. Creativity and innovation

2.Customer Orientation: prioritizing customers' demands and prioritizing to be the best not just the first

3. Responsibility: accountability, commitment, social responsibility

4. Happiness and health: paying attention to staff's health and family health

5. Competitiveness: Business developing speed, organizational agility, dynamic manpower

6. focused on knowledge and learning: specializations, knowledge, research, and learning

7. Teamwork: organizational partnership, collective wisdom, teamwork, empathy

8. citizenship-organizational behavior: honesty, respect, intimacy, affiliation

Social Responsibilities

In order to achieve the objective of sustainable growth and to provide specialized staff in the food industry, Zar Macaron group has established the " Applied Science Education Center" to fulfill its social responsibilities in a correct manner. In this center, besides learning theoretical knowledge, students can utilize the facilities in Zar factories to improve their skills. Certainly, these students will be able to get the best opportunity in the related manufacturing industries after their graduation. In addition, as developing health facilities are the absolute right of every human being, therefore, Zar Research and Industrial Group has completed the project of construction and equipping a hospital in Qahan village of Khalajestan.


Of course receiving numerous medals, trophies, certificates, appreciation awards, and statuetes from reliable local and foreign organizations as well as receiving the certificates of national standards, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and all other quality guarantees shows the competency and efficiency of this research and industrial group. The most important ones are listed below:

The first honorary medal of country's exportation in 2015

Appreciation award and stattuet of the national exemplary exporter in 2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015 and 2017

Appreciation award and statutes of the best industrial unit on the day of celebrating industry and mining in 2007, 2012 and 2014

Appreciation award and stattuet of the consumers' right complier from the consumers and producers' right organization in 2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2015

The title "quality leading" in Iran's macaroni industry in 2014 and 2015

Appreciation award and statutes of the Exemplary unit of the national standard in 2008, 2010,2012,2015,2017

Seven trophies from IFDA (Iran Food and Drug Administration)

Recognition for excellence with 1 star from FDA in 2010 and 2011

Recognition for excellence with 2 stars from FDA in 2012, 2013 and 2014

Recognition for excellence with 1 star (INQA) from National Standard Organization in 2009, 2010 and 2011

Recognition for excellence with 3 stars from FDA in 2015

The leading unit of Pasta industry
The leading unit of Pasta industry
Amin-ol-Zarb Statue
National Brand
National Brand
Selected as the Golden Statue of the 4th "National Festival of Health-Oriented Industry"
Medal of honor for the export of Zermacaron Company