Mushroom and chicken salad with grain rice pasta

  • chicken

    cooked chicken 50 grams

  • garlic


  • Mushroom

    Mushroom 1 pack

  • milk

    Lukewarm milk 3/4 cup

  • Butter


  • salt and paper

    salt and paper


  1. Sauté the squashed garlic in butter. Then add chicken breast to it and sauté again.
  2. After cooking the chicken breast, add one cup of chopped mushroom and sauté. You can add some lemon juice so the mushrooms don’t turn black.
  3. Next, add one cup of milk and keep stirring. You can turn the heat down when the sauce is dense.
  4. Boil a packet of grain rice pasta in one liter of water. Then drain it.
  5. After that, add the boiled grain rice pasta to the mixed sauce and stir it. Finally, you can decorate the food with parsley and spring onion.